Energy Boosting? No Problem!


2 Supplements for an Energy Boost

Look at the people around you, you will always find someone who looks like he is at the grip of an energy crisis and might be in need of a little power boost. These days, there are already countless of energy supplement products in the market – from energy drink coolers, energy bars to energy boosting pills. According to experts, energy has become one of the fastest growing categories of supplement today. This is because everyone, regardless if you are a man or woman, young or old, wants to have more energy.

But the question is, do they work? Are these energy boosting supplements really effective? Some supplements may be able to give a boost to some degree, but you should also know what you are looking for. Otherwise, your trip down the supplement store will just leave you with less money and with even lesser energy. To help you gain more energy, here is a rundown of some of the most effective and popular energy supplements.


Do you always feel like you are about to fall asleep after having lunch? If you answered yes, then a good little stimulant energy booster is what you need. One of the most potent stimulants and maybe the most popular as well, is caffeine. Caffeine is a common ingredient found in most of the marketed energy boosters. There might be twenty other ingredients but caffeine’s effect might really be the one that you feel. Caffeine and other similar compounds work by stepping the metabolism up temporarily, thereby helping improve mental focus and stave exhaustion off for a while.

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Ginseng, is also another mild stimulant, but will it give you an energy boost? A fair amount of evidence anchored on scientific research say that ginseng does have effects on psychological and physical health, and that people might benefit some stamina and physical energy from it.

Capsaicin, the ingredient responsible for making pepper hot and spicy, is sometimes also used for its stimulant properties, but it actually causes more metabolic boost than an improved physical and mental energy.


When someone says calories, we often imagine little villains who like lurking in our food to make our clothes tight, but calories are actually used as a measurement of energy potential that we get from the food we eat.

Most energy bars, energy drink, energy gel and even energy water have a form of calorie, usually carbohydrates like sugar in their ingredients. These energy boosting supplements use sugar because our body can easily metabolize it and then absorb it as energy. This kind of energy booster is really attractive to athletes, especially the ones who might be doing a marathon. After an exercise, carbohydrates can also help your body recover from the heavy workout you had.

You might ask, “what if I’m not running in a marathon or doing an extensive workout, can I still use carbs to boost my low energy levels?” Well, of course, you can. But maybe just in a lesser amount. read more



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